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The Wenzhou shoe factory and play what tactics?
From: Da Dong Resin/Gushi Xin Rui Chemicals Trade Co.,Ltd Post date: 2017-11-04

The day before, 3D pin type measuring instrument by the International Museum unveiled AOKANG. This instrument will be launched in AOKANG's other stores.

As long as the customer station on the instrument ten seconds, a screen will display the 3D foot data. Through the network single order, the system through cloud computing and big data analysis, the generated data passed to the factory for customized production. Finally, customized products to consumers by courier.

What is called "demand for production"?"

This year, AOKANG has developed a "C2M high-end customization" strategy. The so-called C2M, that is, "customer to factory" personalized customization service. In the shoe industry put forward this strategy, AOKANG is the first.

"Demand for production" is the core of C2M. AOKANG C2M project group leader said, AOKANG's goal is to take the lead in the industry to achieve a complete C2M business model, and then output, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

For the "demand for production", the project team leader described it as ":

Customers through an interactive platform, advance product selection and collocation, measurement of 3D foot data, and through interaction, the clerk will the consumer preference, age, consumption level of "360 degree consumer portrait record. "With the greatest benefits Dingchan", is "a last single BOM (bill of materials), to achieve mass customization, achieve no inventory at the same time also to meet the customer's individual needs, so as to reduce the production cost, the supply side reforms.

"Customer orders, the system will automatically calculate the preparation conditions. If the stock is insufficient, will automatically calculate the delivery time." The person in charge said that the background received orders, order information will automatically form production instructions through digital R & D system, sent to the flexible intelligent manufacturing workshop. Good shoes will be delivered through AOKANG, East China logistics center and other intelligent supply chain system, efficient and punctual delivery of customers.

According to the C2M mode of the concept, the customer can foot data acquisition in the AOKANG store, when the data reaches a sufficient number, AOKANG will be able to calculate the customer's location, age, foot region distribution, big data analysis of consumer behavior and buying shoes, forecast demand trend and buying preferences.

That is to say, the future as long as the customer walked into a AOKANG store, through the relevant technology, the customers' consumption 360 degrees portrait "will guide through the hands of the intelligent terminal equipment directly transmitted to the background, and artificial intelligence analysis and provide accurate and personalized service.

Each pair of shoes will install the AOKANG chip, equivalent to "identity", through the built-in radio frequency identification (RFID), the background can be real-time acquisition of what customers try on shoes, which is picked up attention data, through data analysis of customers interested in what kind of shoes, for the convenience of shopping guide precision recommend and provide personalized service.

Experience AOKANG customization"

Reporters in the AOKANG group headquarters "C2M" intelligent Museum, intelligent manufacturing experience.

Under the guidance of the staff, reporters take off shoes and socks stand on the 3D foot measuring instrument. Press the "start", the screen prompt information such as gender, origin.

Then, the screen will prompt reporters feet to the specified area. After about 15 seconds, the emergence of a two-dimensional code screen. Using a mobile phone to scan, a foot type mobile phone report sent to reporters.

The report includes each foot length, foot width and level of metatarsophalangeal girth and height data etc.. At the same time, appeared on the screen, matched with a variety of shoes foot type press. Selection of styles and fabrics, can direct online payment.

Under the instrument, the staff placed a special insoles to reporters inside the shoe. When the reporter walks, the screen immediately shows the gait data and transmitted to the mobile phone.

The staff said, this is AOKANG's latest generation of 3D foot measuring instrument, one foot measurement point can reach up to 50 thousand. In 2007, the first Chinese foot measuring instrument in the birth of AOKANG.

"We analysis the obtained data by 3D foot static measurement and dynamic gait can be more accurate to make customers for foot type and gait characteristics of shoes and insoles, even if not to buy shoes, our customers can also put forward suggestions correct walking posture." The staff said.

Robot packaging and delivery"

AOKANG East China operation center in Shanghai is the first intelligent operation center in China shoes industry. High intelligence, automation is the biggest feature of the operation center.

The logistics warehouse area of the operation center adopts automatic assembly line and import robot, from the product into the warehouse unloading to sweep single storage, storage, pick up, packaging, delivery, all completed by the machine. Here daily processing electricity supplier orders can exceed 50 thousand orders, orders generated to the goods out of the library only 30 minutes, but also to complete the AOKANG line store 5000 boxes of shipping tasks.

In the intelligent production workshop of AOKANG, "intelligent manufacturing" has been further interpreted. In the past, leather cutting is manual work, workers need to take a mold, from a piece of leather material piece by piece stamping cutting. Now, the leather on the intelligent machine, computer can really replace the manual to complete this process; in the leather sewing process, computer Laura car to replace the traditional sewing machine, the workers only need to control the pedal roller, car can automatically complete the leather sewing work; in the clip package link, shoes just put on a smart device, the robot will be able to replace the artificial leather bag will last ten seconds to complete setting, a worker ten minutes past.

Intelligence is not only embodied in the production process. VR shows the future no shoe store, AOKANG is a new attempt in the customer experience link. Do not want to go out to the customer, mobile phone and other devices connected to the available AOKANG network client, by wearing VR glasses experience and restore a 3D scene experience, a 360 degree view of love shoes, can also be customized a exclusive shoes.

The network consists of Dadong treatment agent for shoes kind of glue east Dadong finishing release

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