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Dadong treatment agent, class HY888 glue Haiya unilateral yellow glue with Dadong shoes

One advantage.
1. single brush glue.
2. save 50%~70% glue.
The 3. line manual 1 to 2 people.
To reduce 4.VOC emissions by more than 70%, in line with environmental policy.
5. to reduce pollution.
6. product more clean, smooth and beautiful.
Two. Application scope and method
1. full face combination (paste assembly, paste paste patch, zippers, ribbon, stick piece of edge... ) only unilateral uniform brush glue, placed at room temperature for 5 minutes, directly bonded with the press.
2. in the bottom skin (hot bottom, leather insole without drawing a line) only unilateral uniform brush glue, over 60 degrees oven, heating for 2 minutes or so, directly bonded with the press.
3. with the package, the package at the end of packet, foot bed, waterproof bag, bag bottom table... Only package materials of leather, cloth, (PU, PVC, linen, wool cloth... Uniform) unilateral glue, over 60 degrees oven, heating 2~3 minutes direct package.
In a word: only single brush gum, the other side without glue, also can achieve the ideal effect of fit.
The network consists of oily water-based adhesive glue Dadong Dadong Dadong release finishing

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